The Small Earth and the Small People

The Earth vs D’Unbelievables

So the earth is tiny…. We are a blip in the cosmosphere, a spec of dust floating inside in a vast mever ending mountain range, we are probably not even considered when God is thinking about new stuff to do up there in heaven.

All he knows is that the stuff he’s conjuring up shouldn’t wipe us out. He has us protected. He has given us our own means of survival and we’re doing alright with it. Gravity and water and a few gases which mix well together to keep us perfect. It’s a miracle that we are here and have conscious thought, but now that we’re here let’s have the craic!

Here are two videos: One is about how small we are as a collective planet and how difficult it would be for other planets to find us and the second is about how we create things here and how small people make us laugh.

It’s just comedy gold! Please enjoy!

and how we use our talents together for good

Funny, isn’t it? Let’s keep on doing that stuff and having less of the auld wars and shite. Laughter is the best medicine. I really hope we don’t destroy each other and the only place we have to call home.

Have a nice weekend,


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