It’s Been One Of Those Days

It’s Been One of Those Days

Ballet Back Arm

It’s been one of those days when even phoning a stranger for a quick conversation cheered me up.

Dropped my bag and the only person offering to help me is a fully packed Mum who already has too much to do

It’s been one of those days where I’d go back to say “thank you” to a coffee server a second time…just to make sure she saw me as a thankful, nice person and heard that I meant every word. She might have needed a thank you too.

It’s been one of those days when even lifting my head took too much effort and hurt my heart. Where the world spun far too fast for my thoughts to keep up, and I felt dizzy. Dizzy partly for trying to help everyone elses troubles and partly because it seems You always demand more of my best. Can’t you just be happy with me and my efforts. Can’t you just say thank you like the pretty coffee lady.

All I’m thinking of is your forever happiness and how best to serve your smile.

When you already know that you are harder to track than the clouds that pass my bed. Catching clouds is so impossible and a cold forms over my hands the more I try.

It’s been one of those days when the crowded places on earth left me hanging scared of someone seeing through my smile. My smile is more often than not fully real…which is important. One of those days when I could hear my thoughts banging and bashing like footsteps that don’t exist outside my door and while I was asleep, I dreamt of you fighting the monsters under your bed. Why the fuck are you in my sleep too. Go away and get out of my dreams if you don’t want to be in my real world.

So my resting place of sleep and slumber, of protection in covers has been stained by lumber, to corrections in my lovers

“Bed” has turned into a place of regrets…and that hurts my heart more than my head.

Leaving things behind, easy access to sadness and much more of these dark corners to find. Maybe its just the change outside, the early hours and the feeling of losing.

The coldness creeping in before you even begin.

Fuck it, It’s just been one of those days…

Tomorrow will come and I’ll call you again.

Hi pet, it’s me…are you there? That’s what I’ll say…

Or will maybe something else…hmmm

By Tree Soul

October 30th 2015

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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