Dublin City Marathon 2015

Dublin City Marathon

October 26th 2015

Dublin Marathon took place on the Bank Holiday Monday, the 26th of October 2015. Ordinarily Dublin has life and vibrancy bursting from its epicentre. It’s constantly filled with business and creativity and everyone feels a sense of home there, even if they are from outside the Pale. However I had never seen it like this before. Safe to say that the 26th was a SAVAGE day…in a good way!

I can easily say this was one of my favourite shoots that I’ve ever been on. TPJ loves the joy and hard work and each photo below shows just that!

Dublin was awash with brilliant, talented people who had all trained hard themselves for this day for no personal financial reward and had the support of their friends and family the whole way along the roads. The  nooks and crannies of the 42 kilometre stretch of inner city South and North side were filled with the prideful sweat of their loved ones.

I won’t say much more about the day. Photos speak a thousand words right?

Please feel free to share, copy or paste any of the below photos. If you know anyone who was in them, please tell them and congratulate them on a job well done.

People gave their hearts to the city on Monday and it rewarded them with the feeling they received at the finish line. If you did it for Charity even more fair play to you!

They are all on Facebook too here: please save the site with your friends if you can:


Congrats to all the organisers and event managers and helpers, you did a super job and the day went off spectacularly.

Congrats to all the runners and suppoerters that lined the streets. If I didn’t catch you in a shot, I apologise…It wasn’t for the want of trying.

Enjoy the snaps,


A hands

Supporter wave 2

Bus stop pain

Christchurch support 3


B Struggled

A hands

A Hug A Hug 2 A Brilliant kid A Girl A B and White Almost dead A hands The 3.50 crew A Hugging gf Brian and Sonia 3228 1431 3163 458 all made it at the same time 3112 made it Boot Campp pre run Darren made it

A Photographer

Go on Daddy Red

They were so much fun to take. Really honest photos of pain and happiness. If I caught anyone’s bad side, please accept my apologies. I didn’t want to leave any half decent photos out.

3.41.45 sepia

4.10 crew

3112 made it

3228 1431 3163 458 all made it at the same time

Absolutely flaked

B&W CHirstchurch class

B&W Christchurch Nice

Before People Bin Bags

Before taking off bin bags

Before taking off bin bags

Before taking off people after 2657 excellent

Before Thumbs up ireland

Thumbs up salute

Before Waiting

Black and White Nice

Bosco runner in a tuttoo

Brian and John

Bus stop pain


Christchurch low sat

Christchurch Run

Christchurch runners

Christchurch Sepia

Christchurch support

Christchurch support 2

Christchurch support 3

Colourful runners 2

Colourful running

Come on Aisling

Dad Support

Fair dues to him 1206

Flaked 2

Flaked 4 wheelchair help

Frank and Darren

Gerard made it

Go on Daddy

Hands over head 4.06

He gave it all

He's always late

He's always late 2 pointing

Hug Sepia at 3.44

Hugging B&W

I do this for a living Good Luck

I Hit the connemara wall

John Meehan 4.19.30 superhero

John Meehan Finished 4.19.32

John Pat and Colm best

Just before race

Keep going lad

Keep going Phil

kissing Couple 2

Kissing Couple 3 The Kiss

Made it

Mara 3.33

Mara 3.39 first

Mara 3.40

Mara 3.40 exhaust

mara 3.40.37

Mara 3.41.01

Mara 3.41.27

Mara 3.42

Mara 3.53

Mara 3.53.05

Mara 3.53.35

Mara 3.53.40

Mara 3.53.46

Mara 3.53.49

Mara 3.54

Mara 3.54.19

Mara 3.55

Mara 3.56 Lonnie

Brian and Sonia

Mara 3.57

Mara 4.03

Mara 4.04

Mara 4.04.57

Mara 4.05

Mara 4.05 flat

Mara 4.05.04

Mara 4.05.09

Mara 4.05.13

Mara 4.05.30

Mara 4.05.37

Mara 4.05.44

Mara 4.05.50

Mara 4.40.07

Mara 4.41

Mara Red Hat blowing

Mara Tongue guy long shot

Mara Watch guy

Noone said it would be easy

Runners having a tough time

Saying goodbye


Smiling pre race

Sticky outty tongue guy

Support was great

Supporter wave 2

The weather wasn't the best

Thumbs up lads mid race

Ya but did ye have fun

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