TPJ’s first WOM Event, all the way in Kingston, London. Word of Mouth is a spoken word event held in Kingston, London every fortnight of the month.  It all began when Kenny Kensei, a spoken word artist and rapper from New York, who attended Kingston University wanted to create a platform for artists of all sorts to have their voice heard. You will find performersContinue reading “TPJ’s first WOM Event, all the way in Kingston, London.”

The Journey vs The Destination

Journeys are way better than the Arrival. Ine is new and exciting, the other is expected and dissapointing as you have worked so hard for it and then you get it and don’t have to work any more…the journey is far more challenging and fulfilling. TPJ x

Graffiti Street Art

Street Art Photos: Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist This World is but a canvas to our Imagination – Henry David Thoreau The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance – Aristotle