Arthur has become European Champion!

B&W First Meeting Jnct 14

He did it!

Yesterday Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe (@ArthurLOK1) became European Modern Pentathlon Champion in Bath finishing the competition on 1,487 points and streets ahead of his closest rival from France.

He absolutely nailed the horse riding, smashed the fencing and shooting, and placed well in the running and swimming giving him a final points tally of 11 points ahead of his nearest competitor. It’s such a great, allround sport that all athletes work so hard on, it’s not surprising the level of respect that they hold for one another. 5 disciplines is far greater than one and to reach it’s pinnacle is a great achievement.

We spoke to him after his semi final and he said he jogged the last bit to secure fourth place and his place in the final. He also Facebooked us last night with the message ‘I did it! I’m European Champion!…BOOM Rio baby!’

Such a nice bloke deserves every bit of success he’s getting. Fair play to you mate…tough slog but so worth it now.

We’ll post his new vlog when it’s edited.

You know what that means…We’re also going to Rio too to cover the story until the end! Delighted about that one.

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