Day 12: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

I managed to catch three brilliant shows yesterday. Day’s are feeling shorter and getting longer it seems up here but we are still having fun so all is well.

The first Helene was a beautiful live music piece in Assembly. A four person instrumental piece and a singer song writer (Helene) who speaks to the audience and plays live guitar


beautiful helene shot

Guitar At Helene

Helene full cast

I then went to our local off Drummmond Street, Captain’s Bar for a delicious pint and bit of a Hooley. It was filled with happy people and amazing reels. There was an American Harmonica player there who said he had a great day because his brother didn’t get put in jail for spitting at a bouncer. He was celebrating by himself.

Session in Captains

I then went to an amazing one woman show called Dame Senorita, Eres Tu in Venue 170 in the Counting House (5 Stars from TPJ) It’s free every evening at 12.45am and is funny as hell. The Le Coq trained actor is so passionate and talented that everyone just fell in love with her.

Spanish le coq show

TPJ Microphone

Madame Senorita eres tu

TPJ on stage with guitar in

All in all, a good day. Reviews to follow

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