Day 12: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

I managed to catch three brilliant shows yesterday. Day’s are feeling shorter and getting longer it seems up here but we are still having fun so all is well. The first Helene was a beautiful live music piece in Assembly. A four person instrumental piece and a singer song writer (Helene) who speaks to theContinue reading “Day 12: Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

Review: A Life with the Beatles, Apex Intl Hotel

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories Review ( **** 4 Star Show) This gripping show tells the story of the Beatles first rodie and tour manager, Nick Aspinnal, when they were in the height of their fame. It starts with an old Neil, played wonderfully, sitting talking to the audience. He has since the Beatles, become aContinue reading “Review: A Life with the Beatles, Apex Intl Hotel”

Day 5: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 5: 09th August 2015 We started off with the show on Drummond St, which was awesome. Sold Out and a raucous bunch but it was really well received and we managed to get through it. Then we went straight to the Media Meet and Greet and set up our table in Fringe Central. WhatContinue reading “Day 5: Edinburgh Fringe Festival”