Review: History’s Greatest Monster

History’s Greatest Monster – Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** 5 Stars

11 August 2015: Reviewer: Jabe

A mixed bill comedy show at Just the Tonic at the Community Centre.

At the bottom of Candlemaker Row is this lovely venue where Mike
Shephard wrangles comedy from the annals of history. He asks other
stand-ups to come up with material inspired by history – no easy feat
considering it’s not exactly a commercial goldmine. We don’t find out who

exactly is History’s Greatest Monster but the fun is in the chase.
There are some obscure facts which are humorously interesting and some
well known stories and events looked at anew with fresh, comedic
eyes.Shephard comperes the show with material tailored to the specific date
– so each show is unique. He also knows his history. There’s enough
ready knowledge inside of him that he can riff on points of interest
that the other acts raise before he introduces the next guest.

Mike has some regular support – for now Joby Mageean (later on in the
run is David Whitney).

Mageean has such delightful innocence and a sheer joy to his comedy

which is perfectly juxtaposed to his incisive and intelligent material;
making connexions and jumps to the next reference which somehow seem
brilliantly absurd and magically mundane. He is a fantastic
counterpoint to Shephard’s grown-up enthusiasm and librarianesque
befuddlement at this strange world.The second act was the utterly inspired buffoonery of motivational
speaker Ken Do, who took us on a Victorian/Japanese blockbuster
journey which destroyed the countryside (created using the audience)
and built the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Ken Do is a marvellous
creation (of Jack Kelly) who has to seen to be believed.

The last on was Angus Dunican, he of the lovely, lovely hair, talking
about always feeling out of time, out of place & of occasionally
pretending to be an Edwardian gent transported to modern London. He
also discusses the end of history. 1992. At least, according to an
American expert of the time who now is also history.

A mixed bill can be a mixed bag but my fellow audience members and I
loved the contents of that bag today with guffaws and giggles
throughout this hilariously & historically accurate hour.

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories – 5 stars.

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