Day 7: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 7 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 7 – started off as they usually do – sleepily editing photos and trying to stretch out. Body is in pain, two shows a day really takes it out of you.

It very quickly hit 1pm which is our call time for Faulty, so we headed off to B’est for another two show day. The audience were fantastic and we had a really good time with them. We also got told our first review was in; 5 stars for the Mumble…sweeeet, which was very kind of her.

Mumble Review click here!

I then nipped off after the show to catch a beautiful show called A Life with the Beatles (Reviewed below in previous post, check it out for details). It’s a new writing piece and I really enjoyed it. They are a lovely company and really nice to deal with.

Beatles guy wider

Beatles photo

Cast of Beatles Show

Then I got a shot of some decent skaters, and a nice flyer sketch group who are bursting with energy on the corner of Nicolson St and Drummond St. Gonna try to get to their show soon.


TPJ by statue

Sketch group

Back to our venue straight after the Beatle’s show for a little food and we’re up again at 8pm to 10pm.

Evening crowds tend to be more raucous and playful than the usual lunchtime, respectful audience who have largely consumed fewer alcohols. This crowd was no different. Two hours later we limped off stage exhausted after leaving everything out there.

On the walk home, we came across a sweet fire party in the park and took some of my favourite photos ever. Edinburgh is proving really beautiful for photography – the lights and colours as well as the setting and characters walking around is just a sess-pool of a photographers dream.

Unreal fire photo

Jeans Fire

Spinning fire up high

Exploding Fire

Girl with Fire

“It really is a special festival. There’s rarely trouble and there’s something for all ages” – Ricky, the Bouncer at C Venues main venue.

Have a day off tomorrow so went to bed early. Heavy load in the morning, starting with a hike up Arthurs Seat. Very much looking forward to taking a breath up there.

Much Love for now,


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