Review: Princes of Main

Princes of Man, Pleasance 23.00

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories – **** 4 Stars

Princes of Man

These three Cambridge trained comedians are funny. The helped write the Cambridge Footlights International touring show in 2014 and this is their new show. They have great material and a good chemistry on stage and they have worked on their material for many hours of preparation…and it shows.

They switched characters with fluidity and embraced their new forms, all equally as talented as each other. I liked the reoccurring dinosaur

With a pint of cider in my hand, I sat in the back row and enjoyed their material immensely, as did all of the audience. They have the technique of comedy worked out perfectly, and Edinburgh will relax them into the touring scene if they want to continue it.

It’s definitely a show in development and they perhaps have to slow their hearts down a little but, given their enthusiasm and eagerness to please (I received my ticket for free from one of them flyering me and convincing me to go), they will continue upwards in the festival and beyond should they wish.

Good luck to them. I’d recommend their show a lot.

Princes of Man B&W

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories – 4 Stars

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