Introducing Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe

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We have some exciting news here at TPJ. Irish Olympian Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe has agreed to tell his story with us and share his incredible journey – we’re starting our first collaboration if you will – He is on a bit of a roller-coaster of a journey to the Olympics in Rio 2016 and has decided to vlog his countdown… so what better way to combine the two forces.

He competes in a discipline called the modern Pentathlon which includes running, fencing, riding. shooting and swimming and he went to the London 2012 Olympics and did well. This time it’s serious though and he has begun his countdown already. I’ll post his first few vlogs below, they’re super interesting and give you a real insight into what it’s actually like to train that hard and become an elite athlete in Ireland.

We can’t wait for this journey and are delighted to welcome Arthur into the TPJ family. Hopefully he’ll write a couple of articles on the site and bring me around to different competitions in the lead up to the games. We are very excited to be there at the start of this! Bring on the world…literally.

B&W First Meeting Jnct 14

Junction 14 rest refuel recharge

It’s gonna be a funnnnnnn trip. Enjoy the view, TPJ xxx

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