Busking For

We want to start a new project here. It’s called #BuskingFor and it involves bring your selected instrument and songs to the street, setting up in front of a less fortunate person and playing songs for their benefit. All proceeds go directly to them. make someone’s day, get bands involved. TPJ x

8000 Viewers from 115 different countries!

We at TPJ would just like to thank you to everyone who has been supporting us over the past year, especially in the past month. We hit 3500 Likes on facebook in a week and our viewers have rocketed in the past two weeks, our best day being 4000 viewers for the video Pretty SickContinue reading “8000 Viewers from 115 different countries!”


Memories Surrounded by thoughts, like thick nasty clouds we always think, we never say it out loud I miss many moments cant catch them yet, but every moment I miss I call them the „best“ You can find me up here seeing it all You can find me up here missing them all These movingContinue reading “Memories”

In the Ring

IN THE RING The way I see it, Life and I are in a boxing ring. We shape up to each other, nose pressed to nose, standing toe to toe since early childhood. I don’t remember who threw the first dig, but it kicked off, and it kicked off hard! She would throw a punch andContinue reading “In the Ring”