I Woke Up This Morning Angry

I woke up this morning angry, but my soul felt alight, all thoughts came rushing out my mouth, just gagging for a fight.

I woke up angry at our big family and the world, and all the pain they’ve caused, I woke up and spat out these thinks, no time for coffee paused.

So these thoughts came out in words, unwilling to stay within my mind, They rushed into my messy room, not sure what they would find.

They flooded up my bedroom fast, then made their way downstairs. They filled up my red coffee cup and healed its wavered cares.

So they’re out now in the air around and I’m scared to open up the door, Because when they make their way outside, they won’t be with me any more.

And I like them here. I almost need them here.

I woke up this morning angry, and my soul felt alight. It was like my dreams had been too much and they called reality out into an Alleys fight.

Because the real world can be so cruel… to you, and me, and her, it has kicked you, smashed me, knocked us back from the time that we met sir.

She’s a girl who cared about us, but only less than just one whip. She talked and talked then broke your heart. Not for your soul she did not give one ship.

And the world is pained with selfish men, who dig it until it’s done, and nat’ral resources are picked off, for greedy, selfish fun.

So I woke up this morning angry, and I put them down onto this page. The world just seems so beautiful but it’s breaking on this stage

In front of us as we watch, and clap and then realise,

that Ireland and India, Mexico (New Zealand) have things right, work hard, in friendship, never despise.

So now I’m not that angry, I think I’ve gotten them out and fret, but if you ever need to shout your dreams, do it early so you won’t forget.

And if you can indulge me one bit of advice, Be Nice…

And never be afraid to release care, Thoughts are won’ful, but not hurt inside there.

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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