I’m Fragile, Delicate

I’m quite fragile at the moment, said the world. I’m feeling a lot. Trying to trust my heart and my instincts. Listening to my gut.

I’m eating well, seeing nature, sensing smells and seeing. I’m feeling and listening.

Then the world got a virus, so the world got sick. Humans ate a bat while the climate changed.

People became weak, and the world slowed so they could heal. Men couldn’t use a sick world so they had to slow.

Animals roamed, seas foamed, rivers became unpolluted.

Minds that raced slowed, city’s stopped, man became unresoluted. Undisputed?

And The world healed, nature inhaled and then breathed in fresh, clean air. Rejuvenated.

We all became more fragile.

Connections deepened, leaves weren’t swept.

I stayed indoors and watched and tried to listen… And all I heard was a heart beat.

This low, fallen, silent heart beat that had synced with everything. I felt the pain, listened and watched while talent blossomed.

Individually we saw the fragility of ourselves and each other and the environment…

I listened to the heart beat and watched people become platelets. They helped heal the wound.

Some prayed, and received, some played music, some painted and some became silent. All shared.

Some God’s answered. Dear God, who ever she is or what she is to every one, answered with what we and they needed.

The low, fallen, silent heartbeat began to pulse in rhythm with everything. We became one with the earth. We all heal.

Sciences came, Western and Eastern, arrived together for the collective good. Science helped when gods were making people fight. We don’t understand so we quarrelled and were honest.

I’m fragile, we’re fragile, there’s nothing wrong With Heaney’s blooming fragility provided we heal. There’s nothing wrong with fragile.

We just can’t go back to where we moved from. We won’t survive. I’m fragile said the world. I break if you’re too rough.

And it became all right.

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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