Living In A Dream

Hello! We are Alive! Yes, we are all well – and if you couldn’t tell we are all very busy! Yet, we are all doing exciting things which is amazing, exciting and scary!
You’ve got the pleaser of getting a post from the film boff today (Baby), But anyway, here’s a project I’m working on. * Queue draft poster *

LIAD poster.png

The film is about Andrew who is caught between his dream relationship and real life affection, which leads to Andrew being at risk of losing what’s closest to him over a girl in his dream that may not exist.

So how’s it going you may ask??
Yeah – it’s going… * Queue image of us working hard *


I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on the project and its progress but until then please check out the films official Facebook page ( and help also get involved yourself by checking out our Kickstarter and finding out more. (I do a really sweet piece of spoken word)

Much love,

Baby & TPJ x

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We’re creating something that will make people happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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