Heartbreak/Just Saying

Dave Tynan and Emmet Kirwin are the Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio of Ireland at the moment. Everyone wants to see what they do next.

The buzz around ‘Heartbreak’ leading up to its release yesterday was palpable and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

400k views in 16 hours – not bad.

Here is the video:

I worked with Tynan on a project in 2009. He was an amazing director then. He knows what he wants and just goes and does it instead of chatting about it like so many others do… then he produces the work and nurtures the project to make sure he’s happy with it.

His work and vision has led to two masterful pieces of work and Kirwin delivers them both with the passion of skill that everyone nationally and increasingly internationally is aware of. He’s a nice geezer too…

Here is their previous work, Just Saying, which this writer also loved:

This latest piece will explode.

Congrats boys…sterling work.


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