Cecilian Musical Society’s Mannequin Challenge



I had the pleasure of filming a lovely piece of Mannequin-ism for a musical society called Cecilian’s last week.

The Mannequin challenge is a really fun trend at the moment and this one ended up quite nice. The society is lovely and quite prestigious. They’re based in Limerick city and were founded in 1919.

They performed ‘All Shook Up’ and it ended up being a marvelous show based on the music of Elvis with a plot based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

We do love a bit of Shakespeare adaption here in TPJ.

With some staggeringly good performances, they certainly did the musical and themselves justice and hearing the critique of the AIMS award judge, they have to feel like they’ll be in with a good shout come awards season in June. The bond they had created over the passed three months was highly visible on stage.

Anyways…enough words, here’s the video. Have a lovely weekend x


Only unfulfilled love can be romantic, Vicky Christina Barcelona


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