i’ll love you

i never want you not to be loved,

not to be loved by someone,

so i’ll love you…

i will love you fully,

how you need to be loved,

and that will stop your tears

i will love you,

and you will be loved,

and you will feel the warmth of love on your heart and wrap itself around your being

you will feel it truly

you’ll smile at me,

and look into my eyes when we’re nose to nose and see that i love you

but will you see the glimmer of doubt that glazes over them

you will feel love because i want you never not to be loved

you are the nicest person i know

so with my love you won’t have to take the beating that others have given you

for they hurt you so much

and that’s awful

they cared not for your love

they treated your heart as one that was to be disguarded with the water they wash their hands with from the tap

and when i saw that water flow past my feet

in it and with it your beating heart strings

and they strummed on my toe and looked to my face

i choose to love you

i am not in love with you fully

im not going to be the happiest that i now must love you fully

but i am unendingly happy that you now shall be loved forever

and will you see the glaze in my eyes

and will you know that I don’t matter

And will you care that i amn’t the most important part of this decision

I don’t care

You deserve to be a person that someone loves

you deserve to be loved

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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