He’s on his way to Doha

He’s on his way to Doha, Qatar for a Champion of Champions Race!


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Arthur is heading over to Doha for a big race. We caught up with him before he left to see what the story was?


1.So your new Vlog is out and your definitely getting the hang of it. How do you find filming and training at the same time?

I actually really love filming and documenting my training and competitions. Since i started filming my results in pentathlon have sky rocketed and i definitely think it brings an element of fun into training that didn’t previously exist so its awesome. 


2. What’s Doha all about?

I am flying over on Tuesday for an invite only competition called the Champion of Champions. Basically it gives me a chance to take on the other continental champions plus a few world cup winners. It’s still very early days this season to be competing but I’m looking forward to see what kind of shape I’m in and to get some awesome video Footage.


3. What’s on the playlist morning of the race. Is there any song u always listen to?

300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero
Heart of Courage by Thomas Bergerson
Fortune Days by The Glitch Mob
Fight Music by D12

These songs are getting my heart pumping at the moment and will be in my morning playlist for sure.

4. Which autobiographies do you love the most and why?

Michael Phelps – No Limits. I love this book because unlike lots of other sports autobiographies it dives deep into the training, mindset and handwork that it takes to be a champion and who better to learn that from than the most decorated Olympian of all time.

5. What’s your idea of the perfect day off?

My rest day is Sunday and i have two perfect ways to spend them. The way i spend my rest day depends entirely on the intensity of the training week. If I’m really tired my perfect day is a LONG lie in followed by a big brunch and really good coffee. I would then follow it up with lots of movies with friends. The other way i spend my Sundays If i have the energy is to do random activities, Something completely different to everyday life e.g. Go Karting, Cliff Jumping, Road Trips, BBQ’s etc. This keeps life fresh and interesting and means when i get ready to train again on monday I’m motivated and happy to be there.

Here’s the latest vlog: 264 days to go hey…exciting!



We’ll let ye all know how it goes for him. Best of luck man. Go get’em!



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