The IFTAS 2015: Part 1

The Irish Film and Television Awards 2015

Brendan and Family coming through the door

Sarah Greene and Mum Great Photo

In Ireland there is a treasure trove of national and international talent involved in the arts. Last night we had the pleasure of attending a celebration of this wealth. We’re the land of poetry and song, of welcomes and pints, of Colin Farrell and Day-Lewis, of Twink and widow Twanky…we’re the land of Mrs. Browns Boy’s. The Irish film and Television Awards (IFTA) took place in the beautiful Hilton Hotel in Dublin.

It was such a wonderful setting with such brilliant people being honoured for their teamwork and effort and showcasing their creations and collaborations over the past year.

RTE 1 and 2, TV3, BBC, TG4 and many, many production companies were all very well represented last night. Below are a few of their stars. Apologies for not naming names but there are quite a lot of photos below. I’ll chuck them up on Facebook too:

Now I’m not really one for the red carpet, anyone who knows me knows that but I do love watching great art and being part of it or taking photos. I think it tells such a lovely, truthful story to recall in memory and given that it was such a lovely evening, I think I’m going to break this article down into three parts (I’m also pretty tired now so I’ll publish the second and third sections tomorrow at some point). I think that’ll work.

The Tiger also doesn’t feature in the night. He’s off in the UK reviewing at the moment. I’ve thrown in a few photos of him just so you know he was there in spirit.

Thriller Cast

Al on stairs confused

Foil Arms and Hog Close Up

If you didn’t make the red carpet cut below, please know that it wasn’t intentional and it wasn’t for the want of trying. I published as many decent photos as possible before I had to go get ready in the car. You all looked amazing. Please feel free to copy and use the photos as you like. That includes you journo’s. We’re all friends here. Even the Irish Mirror posted the photo of Jedward, Jennifer and Brendan on their front cover today. I had it all set up, in he muscles and clicks the shot. You’re a mad man.

Enjoy the photos, they really were fun to take. Thanks to all attendees who posed. You are all beautiful. Don’t listen to the Hit or Miss columns. You rocked up, worked it and wore it well. Enjoy,


Moonee Boy B&W

A Lovely Photo of three ladies wider

Andy Quirke and missus

Beautiful Photo Outside Light

Bill Cullen

Brendan and Family coming through the door

Brent Pope Behind The Cameras

Enda Walsh plus

Entrance two random people

Fair City 2

gents red rock

I randomly really like this photo

Jedward and Brendan

Jedward red carpet

Jedwardo behind the cameras

Kevin Storm and Missus

Lucy Kennedy behind the cameras

Mark O'Shea

Mayhem on the Carpet Brendan and Missus

Miriam Behind Microphone

Andy Quirke closer

Miriam O'Callaghan behind the cammeras

Storm plus

Moone Boy lads

Mrs Browns Boys

Nice Gents

Nice Girls Feathers

Nice two guy girl country

Popey and UTV Ireland

Presenters and well dressed lad

Red Black and Dapper

Fair City 2

Red Dress Lady Colour

Sarah and Dashing hair presenter guy

Sarah Greene plus

Storm plus two nice

TG4 Marketers

Two Lovely people

UTV Ireland Presenter plus three

UTV Ireland Sepia


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