July 12th: Day 2

What’s up what’s up, day 2 was bangin’. Like super hella tight. Sorry I’m trying to get down with the language of the people here but it sounds ridiculous coming out of my mouth onto the virtual paper so Imma be me for real you feel me.

Day 2 was a lot of fun. I left Sanam’s house at about 10am. Her roommate was lovely and had given me a bottle of water during the night for no reason and we had chatted sleepily about lots of nothings. She had left early for work in the hotel so I had a shower and left pretty quickly. Check in the our flats was at 10am so I thought I would be proactive and arrive early.

The walk was longer than I thought with the bags and Zippy but it was nice. Not too hot at that time and good to see the local area and familiarise to the neighbourhood. It’s just so funny how the streets are literally blocks. You just can’t get lost, even if you tried.

There was a welcome party at the reception for us. The brilliant Claire Yale, a girl from Newcastle/Brixton, a dead ringer for Michael Cera like seven years ago and two head honchos, Mr Palmer and Mr. I forget although I shouldn’t have. Maybe Mr. Goldberg or something like that (I’ll find out and come back).

It was all pretty easy. Up to the room, unpacked the bag and looked out at the view. My room is on floor 20, looking out I can see Manhatten business district, Statten Island and The Empire State Building in the distance. In other words the view is bloody incredible.

My new roommate is called McKenley. He is dope, Enough said really! He’s a musician and rapper from Florida who has been in the school for eleven months already. He’s also been signed by a label. Needless to say Zippy came out before the rest of my clothes and we were jamming hard, fusing acoustic locks with killa beats…it worked too. Stayed tuned for more developments.

I went and bought a plug socket which didn’t work for my labtop but does for my phones. I also bought some groceries and boring stuff that doesn’t make for interesting reading. I just tried to settle in. At about 3pm I went for my usual run to check out the neighbourhood.

This was a great idea. I went up Livingston St. Down Montague and hit the promenade pretty quickly. The Hudson is like right there and the facilities close to it are just unbelievable. I have some photos of the courts. Needless to say as soon as I saw the courts I hit a pickup game and we were playing hard. Those guys don’t go easy. I basically played awfully. We lost out mini  game for court 11-9 after being 9-6 up. It was awful but brilliant at the same. The sun was out, the basketball was bouncey and we were just there. It was a nice moment man and I’m gonna be down there a lot to get fit. No better way to shed some calories than to get involved in team sports, it’s so much better than lonely gym work.

I came back to the dorms at 67 Livingston and tried to recover from heat stroke. 7pm we headed up as a posse to a talk for kids about being safe in NYC and how to follow the safe cross code in crossing the roads etc. Brixton gave us our cards and we met some pretty cool people. The course is going to be tough, that much is very clear. They take it seriously and try to emphasise that to the students. These posts will probably get far shorter as I am going to push this place to the limits to take home some good knowledge.

At 8pm we drew moustaches on our face, at 8.20 I asked a two year student did she want some dinner and at 8.30pm we were sitting opposite each other in a Sushi restaurant. This place moves fast, it suits me grand. After good and a cheeky beer we headed down to The waterfront and just chatted away on a bench. She has a boyfriend which is one of my ticks, but she’s not Dutch, so I didn’t fall in love with her immediately. It was a nice chat though.

We strolled back for 11pm and at that stage I was hella tired so I said hello to Prince Shakespreare (our other roommate whom I had met online and briefly when he entered at 8pm) and literally put on my onesie and went to sleep. I know already that I will sleep hard over here after an honest days work. The only time I sleep poorly is when I have a dishonest days work put down. Here it’s going to be nothing but hard work and knowledge enhancement. I’m really looking forward to it. B x

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