The Gossies 2018

Hello lovely readers,

The Gossies were held in the Raddison Blu Hotel in Dublin on the 23rd Feb just off George’s St… and it was great craic.

Really Nice people, nice evening and loads of craic. Doireann Garrihy presented it like the superstar that she is!

Anyways… enough words! I shall sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

We’ll be back again next year…hopefully/maybe

Have a nice day y’all



What fun! Until next year Gossies! Congrats to all involved in organizing! Had a ball x

Love is like Surfing

Love is like Surfing.

Love is a wave. It flows in and out of the beach like it flows in and out of a persons life. The surfer is a person who chooses which wave to pick and chooses how long they will ride the wave or hold on to the wave.

Sometimes the waves are short and sweet.

Sometimes the waves are never ending and amazing-these are the waves that the surfer holds on to so tightly and tries to never let go of them.

Sometimes the waves can become rough, this roughness is the rough times that that person goes through in love throughout his life.

Sometimes the surfer is unable to make the wave or falls off before he can ride it so the surfer becomes frustrated and angry at himself that he was unable to hold on to the wave or catch the wave.

Sometimes waves try to hurt the surfer by directing the surfer into rocks or a shallow shore. These are the waves that the surfer regrets surfing and wishes he never got onto the board.

Sometimes these waves scare the surfer and he is afraid to ride another wave because he is afraid of getting hurt as he did before.

No matter how hard the surfer tries to hold onto the waves at the end it will die out but if the surfer loves that one wave more that any other then he will hold the memory and the moments that has occurred during that wave and hold it in his heart until it is time for his own wave to die out and hit the shallow shores of a new beach.

The waves are waves of love and the surfer is the person riding and holding onto that love.

Living In A Dream

Hello! We are Alive! Yes, we are all well – and if you couldn’t tell we are all very busy! Yet, we are all doing exciting things which is amazing, exciting and scary!
You’ve got the pleaser of getting a post from the film boff today (Baby), But anyway, here’s a project I’m working on. * Queue draft poster *

LIAD poster.png

The film is about Andrew who is caught between his dream relationship and real life affection, which leads to Andrew being at risk of losing what’s closest to him over a girl in his dream that may not exist.

So how’s it going you may ask??
Yeah – it’s going… * Queue image of us working hard *


I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on the project and its progress but until then please check out the films official Facebook page ( and help also get involved yourself by checking out our Kickstarter and finding out more. (I do a really sweet piece of spoken word)

Much love,

Baby & TPJ x

Doolin, West Coast of Ireland

I got to go to Doolin on the West Coast of Ireland the other day. It’s such a special place. It was cold and wet, the rain was sheeting down but it was still amazing.

I love the West Coast of Ireland more than anywhere in the world. We met some lovely people,had some lovely food and came away with an almighty hangover.

Here are some snaps.Nice Rocks DoolinDoolin RocksDoolin People x

Welcome to DoolinTPJ xThe BurrenSitting on a Bench

See you on the flip side, I’m off to NYC again. Yaaaaaasssssss!

Much Love,


Say it Loud Once



I can’t wait not to see you everyday…

I know that sounds awful but it’s true

I know I won’t miss you.

I can’t wait not to see you everyday, so that I might fall out with you…


I can’t wait not to see you look at me. You always seem to be searching for what I’m seeing.

Usually I see an incredible, pretty perfect person looking back…and then I see the exact opposite look flicker through your gaze.

And that’s why I don’t want to feel you so close, because you aren’t looking at me like I do you…

The short, simple story reads:

You already have a love, found it easily and hold onto it like you hold onto it like you hold onto everything else you hold dear to you…with vicious warmth and numbered sticks.

A wise person once said: say it loud and mean it…deal with the consequences after; Mark sloan from Seattle.


You are too nice to be mean, too lovely to be hurtful. Sorry about saying it once and making you uncomfortable with honesty. But it’s selfish and I’m aware it is.

But I don’t really care…


You tell me not to think so much. You know I want to be beside you. You’re a bit older in your feelings.

Could you feel the same, I don’t know…Maybe you’ve thought about me too, I don’t know, Would you feel the exact same way if you weren’t with her…I don’t know.

What I do know is that I don’t want to know that I don’t want to be without you.

So right now I’m looking forward to not seeing you every day, because then I won’t have to feel you near me.

I love how you care about my worries so much.

So I’ll say it loud once, say it loud.

I like you.

And I love the person that you are.

Life is sometimes too meaningful to be quiet…

I fall in love too easily, and now I like you too much…That’s why I can’t wait not to see you everyday.

Talk to me if anything changes…


Day 11: Musical Challenge

1. Take a Break (Hamilton)

2. On my Own (Les Misérables)

3. Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

4. Take Me or Leave Me (Rent)

Results are in from Day 8:

Annie Get Your Gun and Shine Like the Sun dropped off towards the end so it left So Much Better from Legally Blonde and The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha fighting it out at the business end. 

And the Winner is:

The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha. Peter O Toole and Sofia Loren. What a film and what a tune.

And it’s bloody Friday! Well that’s just great news. 

Have a lovely day,


Day 10: Musical Challenge

1. Can I Have This Dance (High School Musical 3)

2. Did I Mention (Descendants)

3. Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ (Teen Beach Movie)

4. Butterfly Fly Away (Hannah Montana)

Kind of a fun one today. Love all these movies.
Day 7 results: I can’t believe Suits or Guy Love didn’t get the nod for the win but it was a conclusive win for…

Grey’s Anatomy – How to Save a Life.

Fair play!

Talk to y’all tomorrow,

Have a nice day,


Day 9: Musical Challenge

1. We Will Rock You (We Will Rock You)

2. Wake Me Up When September Ends (American Idiot)

3. Teachers Pet (School of Rock)

4. Rolling Stock  (Starlight Express)

Day 6 results have come back. Thank you all for your votes. This is a very fun competition!

And the winner between Sunday in the Park with George, Across the Universe, Wizard of Oz and Grease issssss…..

Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park with George. 

I am surprised at that one but it is very recent so a deserved winner. There is nothing that legend can’t do.

Have a lovely hump day,


Day 8: Musical Challenge

1. So Much Better (Legally Blonde)

2. Shine Like the Sun (9 to 5)

3. Anything you can Do, I can Do Better (Annie Get Your Gun)

4. To Dream the Impossible Dream (Man of La Mancha)

Contrasting songs but a good steady competition.
Results from Day 5 and it looks like a steady win for Singing in the Rain over a close second to Memory from Cats and Phantom.

It’s very wet here in Ireland, I hope it’s sunny where you are!

Much Love,


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