Season 3, Episode 4

Irene Kelleher

Cork native, Irene Kelleher, comes on the show this week and what a wonderful lady she is.

As an actress and writer, this girl is making some serious moves in the industry and to top it off, she’s as sound as they come.

We talk about her education in the arts, her writing, the plays that she has created and all sorts in between.

I saw her perform a few weeks ago in the Cork Midsummer Festival in her new show, A Safe Passage, and it was an absolute powerhouse of a show.

Grab a cup of tea and join us for an hour.

Season 3, Episode 3

Stephen O’Ríain

Stephen O’Ríain comes on the show this week.

He talks me about life growing up in Limerick City in Ireland, his musical theatre training in London and then, his entry into its professional world.

To be fair, we chat about everything in between.

He’s such a good guy and now he’s only gone and booked a new role in the Commitments touring show!

This was a wonderful chat between friends ❤️💕

Season 3, Episode 2

Brendan O’Sullivan

Theatre enthusiast and actor, Brendan O’Sullivan, comes on the show this week.

We speak about his inspirations in life growing up in Thurles, his job in Dublin, his teachers and his music preferences.

He is Balally Players treasurer and is a former private radio station DJ!

He’s such a good guy and a really good mate 👏👏

Season 3, Episode 1

Ivana Bacik

Pfr. Ivana Bacik comes on the show this week.

Ivana is the leader of the Labour Party in Ireland. From first hand experience, she is also a wonderful teacher and friend…An eternal optimist.

In this conversation, she talks to me of her inspirations growing up, of holding firm to one’s opinions, her advice for students dealing with their studies and finally her love for music. This is a great episode for anyone thinking about a career such as hers 🎓

We met in Trinity so it was great to have her on the show for the start of Season 3.

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