A Half-Filled Cup of Coffee

If you have a half-filled cup of coffee, or tea for that matter, It means that you are working strong and have too much noisy chatter

inside your head while you work, to succeed at your grind, or chess game where you work out moves from your fast fantastic mind.

A half-full cup of coffee means you needed a’lil break at that time, or a soothing cup of tea would help slow the over active chime.

But when it filled and some was drank, you went right back to your game deployed. And left her standing strong and full, to help again if you get annoyed.

So you’ve reached the level Half a Cup, if one’s heart needs help drink the other half Cup.

I Woke Up This Morning Angry

I woke up this morning angry, but my soul felt alight, all thoughts came rushing out my mouth, just gagging for a fight.

I woke up angry at our big family and the world, and all the pain they’ve caused, I woke up and spat out these thinks, no time for coffee paused.

So these thoughts came out in words, unwilling to stay within my mind, They rushed into my messy room, not sure what they would find.

They flooded up my bedroom fast, then made their way downstairs. They filled up my red coffee cup and healed its wavered cares.

So they’re out now in the air around and I’m scared to open up the door, Because when they make their way outside, they won’t be with me any more.

And I like them here. I almost need them here.

I woke up this morning angry, and my soul felt alight. It was like my dreams had been too much and they called reality out into an Alleys fight.

Because the real world can be so cruel… to you, and me, and her, it has kicked you, smashed me, knocked us back from the time that we met sir.

She’s a girl who cared about us, but only less than just one whip. She talked and talked then broke your heart. Not for your soul she did not give one ship.

And the world is pained with selfish men, who dig it until it’s done, and nat’ral resources are picked off, for greedy, selfish fun.

So I woke up this morning angry, and I put them down onto this page. The world just seems so beautiful but it’s breaking on this stage

In front of us as we watch, and clap and then realise,

that Ireland and India, Mexico (New Zealand) have things right, work hard, in friendship, never despise.

So now I’m not that angry, I think I’ve gotten them out and fret, but if you ever need to shout your dreams, do it early so you won’t forget.

And if you can indulge me one bit of advice, Be Nice…

And never be afraid to release care, Thoughts are won’ful, but not hurt inside there.

I’m Fragile, Delicate

I’m quite fragile at the moment, said the world. I’m feeling a lot. Trying to trust my heart and my instincts. Listening to my gut.

I’m eating well, seeing nature, sensing smells and seeing. I’m feeling and listening.

Then the world got a virus, so the world got sick. Humans ate a bat while the climate changed.

People became weak, and the world slowed so they could heal. Men couldn’t use a sick world so they had to slow.

Animals roamed, seas foamed, rivers became unpolluted.

Minds that raced slowed, city’s stopped, man became unresoluted. Undisputed?

And The world healed, nature inhaled and then breathed in fresh, clean air. Rejuvenated.

We all became more fragile.

Connections deepened, leaves weren’t swept.

I stayed indoors and watched and tried to listen… And all I heard was a heart beat.

This low, fallen, silent heart beat that had synced with everything. I felt the pain, listened and watched while talent blossomed.

Individually we saw the fragility of ourselves and each other and the environment…

I listened to the heart beat and watched people become platelets. They helped heal the wound.

Some prayed, and received, some played music, some painted and some became silent. All shared.

Some God’s answered. Dear God, who ever she is or what she is to every one, answered with what we and they needed.

The low, fallen, silent heartbeat began to pulse in rhythm with everything. We became one with the earth. We all heal.

Sciences came, Western and Eastern, arrived together for the collective good. Science helped when gods were making people fight. We don’t understand so we quarrelled and were honest.

I’m fragile, we’re fragile, there’s nothing wrong With Heaney’s blooming fragility provided we heal. There’s nothing wrong with fragile.

We just can’t go back to where we moved from. We won’t survive. I’m fragile said the world. I break if you’re too rough.

And it became all right.

And you fixed my Tie

We woke up fresh from the nights sleep. I looked at you and wondered how I got so lucky.

I didn’t want to leave the apartment that morning. I can’t remember what we spoke about, only a few short words. You were pleasant and kind as you always were.

When I was ready, you fixed my tie before I left. God knows where I was going in a suit. The Four Courts, I think, for a weeks internship with Brady.

But you fixed my tie and smiled at me deep in the eyes. It struck me how wonderful you were and how I was so lucky to have woken up with you there.

We were just friends, nothing romantic had ever happened save one kiss in a Happenstance – but that morning, nearly ten years ago, you fixed my tie and smiled me off to the world – you fixed it – and I felt lucky to know you.

Be Nice, Be Kind, Stay Safe

Good morning, good morning sick world. Good morning worried people, good morning to a curled lady on her floor filled with worry and safety and economy.

In these worrying times, please get off the floor Angela. Be kind, stay safe and be nice to each other and yourself…and realise we are all here for you.

You have to be there for everyone else too… This means don’t see each other. But contact them heavily. Look after yourself first. The best way to do that is stay inside and don’t meet your beloved. It’s gonna be a hell of year or two.

Please be careful, take the time out for yourself and for everyone else. Learn to be alone for everyone…

And know that we love you! And we’re here for you. Hit us up if you wanna vent.

If we’re alone, then we are all alone together. And that’s a wonderful thought. Self care is essential for my Granny.

Sending positive vibes,


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