You grow a comfort – A rare informal formality of sorts.
A touch,
too soon becomes as abundant as gravel on common ground.
& some way, it feels as though this measure of intimacy has never been met before – to act before thought. To reach out without hesitation. To leave the door open, to undress seamlessly, laying bare without self speculation.

We inexplicably tend to forget how many times we are able to unheedingly cleanse ourselves from our past experiences, only to stitch ourselves back up from toe to heart to head, again.

We forget how our tongues tire with repetition, explaining and reimagining who we are now and how we’ve come to be this version of ourselves – We paint our, still, most potent childhood memories with fallen leaves from the same tree we frequently admired with another.

And so forth it goes, the continuous flow of being in and out of love one too many times.

By Faria 22.09.2021

TPJ Oscar Predictions

Well, how ye getting on?

I’ve been more excited by the Oscar awards more so this year because let’s face it, there’s been nothing else to do in lockdown.

  1. Best Picture: Nomadland

2. Best Director: Chloe Zhao

3. Best Actress in a Leading Role: Carey Mulligan

4. Best Actor in a Leading Role: Chadwick Boseman

5. Best Actor in a Supporting Actor: Daniel Kaluuya

6. Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Yuh-jung Youn

7. Best Original Screenplay: Sound of Metal

8. Best Adapted Screenplay: Nomadland

9. Best International Feature: Another Round

10. Best Song: Husavik (My Home Town)

11. Best Original Score: Soul

12. Best Animated Feature: Soul

13. Best Documentary Feature: My Octopus friend

14. Best Short Documentary: Collete

15. Best Live Action Short Film: Feeling Through

16. Best Cinematography: Mank

17. Best Animated Short Film: I Anything Happens, I love you

18. Best Film Editing: Sound of Metal

19. Best Make-Up and Hairstyling: Ma-Rainey’s Black Bottom Band

20. Best Costume Design: Mank

21. Best Sound Design: Sound of Metal

22. Best Visual Effects: Tenet

23. Best Production Design: Mank

Have a lovely day, wherever you may be. Hopefully the sun is shining on ya. Good luck tonight

Brian (TPJ x)

Où est Moli – Poem

French Poem #LoveLanguageLearning

Mes vêtements sont par terre, ma tête est sous la douche donc qua la pluie peut emporter mes pensees inquietes

Où est Moli, j’siffle et me douche. J’ai devais la donner Parce que je n’avais pa’s le temps.

Je suis un garçon idiot Parce que maintenant tu es triste et je ne voulais pas ça.

Peut-etre qu’elle est avec druides ou des cloches… bon, Peut-etre qu’elle veut aussi venir. Bon chance enfin, puet-etre qu’elle veut venir.

Mon esprit est ailleurs, plein desireux de nous enlaver leurs chaussures rouges pendant quelques here’s. Voici ton soutien-gorge délicatés, magnifiquement réalisé. J’en ai presque besoin d’un aussi, mais jamais pour travail

Pardon, Mais à partir de maintenant jusqu’à ce soir, je dois m’entraîner comme et avec nos ancêtres et m’inquiéter d’une évasion du public. Nous aidons dans les arts en apprenant avec enthousiasme mais a partir de maintenant. Le travail acharné est un jeu mais aussi un travail acharné.

Je me lave et je pense bêtement trop, l’eau aide.

J’apprécie votre présence ici mais, j’apprécie egalement votre ouverture et votre confiance, etcetera, et j’apprende de vous, votre présence est comme’un cadeau.

J’adore aussi ton ecriture, vous etes inspirant.

Passez une bonne journee et tendu crossé devant au lieu d’arabesque en relevé et Ils ont tellement de chance de travailler avec vous ceux

Alors Moli, my dog of four years ago, Où est Moli… Moli est dans la cuisine. Oh non non, oui, maintenant je me souviens qu’elle s’est retournée. J’espère qu’elle est heureuse dans sa nouvelle maison.

Non non, oui, J’ai pleuré quand je l’ai rendue. Parce que je n’avais pa’s le temps non plus.

Et je pleure encore.

Un Encore n’en vaut pa’s la peine parfois.



Trust – An Ode to An Post


– An Ode to An Post – 9.2.2021

Here’s a poem for An Post,  and it’s brave men and women,  a public valued service that I love like a cold to warm, lovely linen.

Here’s a gentle nod to an phoist,  who smile as I walk in,  to collect our mail from our custom that has been given

And held and organised well by them and then delivered really safely, the present bought with hard earned punts, that will make Sharon smile bravely

Between the bull fights and fiestas, between the drinking and the phone, between the hugs and kisses of parted lovers, between feeling loved, and alone

They rise before the cocks crow, drive sleepily to their dance floor, Caring for my precious packages or Nicely driving them to my door.

I guess what I have learned,  is I fully trust the Post. I fully trust the pen pal,  and I fully trust the rust.

I fully trust the ink whereupon,  I know the problems they’ve been set, but they still found a way to get me my Granny’s let.

I fully trust the delivery because I trust the hand that held page,  I fully trust the postman,  because they smash it on their stage.

I trust the light green uniform. I trust the light green van I trust the postal woman. I trust my post man

I trust the light green uniform  I smile when I see it, I bought a package from China And I really, really need it

A wise flitting bird once wrote, as serious as a German, that ‘the best way to find out you can trust someone is to trust them’ – PM Herman

That’s the name of my postman, She’s like a relation, Alas she has no time for my cup of tea So Molly barks her away to her next smile creation ❤️ 

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