She pensively waits for her chance to escape, She does not mind it inside, but her life is out in the garden. Her food is out there, her toys are outside on the lawn Her little wooden house that fits her body so perfectly and shields her from the rain and cold. These were allContinue reading “Pensive”

Yellow Tulip after the Rain

Rain helps a flower grow and after it passes everything shines with a new, brighter colour. Remember that when the rain is falling…

My Bluebell Carpet: Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring My Bluebell Carpet may be gone in days…but I’m glad I smelled its scent and felt its colour between my toes

I Like Girls Who Can Sing

Now the run in the same park each night after work, To get fresh from a day of going beserk, ‘How was your day dude?’ he says to his friend, ‘Ah you know same old slog, a means to an end…’ ‘Hey look at that Girl there, Great set of legs on her, All tightContinue reading “I Like Girls Who Can Sing”