Men at Work

These Bus Driving lads helped a Tiger out when I was lost and hadn’t a clue where I was. After a few greetings and a lot of laughs, they turned out to be some of the soundest guys I have met. Wherever life takes you gents, may the wind be at your back and theContinue reading “Men at Work”


We hired a car from the nice Hertz guy below and went site-seeing, It was dope, loved it so much. The colours and the people are just so beautiful. I’d go back to Sardinia tomorrow if I could…Just wonderful. TPJ x

Orgosolo Gun Shots

Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to…Watch the sign with the Shotgun holes in it from Carthage…unreal

We made it

We made it!!! Thank the sweet baby Jesus. In retrospect it was a great adventure. As soon as I  saw my passport and bag safe from Sassari (it decided to go there instead) we hit off for Cala Gonone. It is beautiful. Met all my old pals from five days ago and the Xena warriorContinue reading “We made it”