The Wings of a Princess: Tweetser’s Story

She loved Flowers

I shivered, I was cold and with my mother gone, I was lonely. Usually, well since my birth, I had her and my two brothers for company in our home. They had gone now and she had hassled me about getting up and out too. I knew I wasn’t that strong, I was never able to muscle over them for food or a decent sleeping spot so I slept poorly and didn’t eat as well as them. Plus…I was a bloody princess, I would take my time leaving home for the first time, it was my right. You never knew the dangers that lay out there and, to be honest, I thought Marcus and Mario would come straight back. I was bloody wrong, the creeps just left me there. No brotherly protection out of them hey.

I peered over the twigs and straw, my father had assembled and down to the grey stone below. It looked cold and featherless. I really, really didn’t want to feel its texture. This nest is all I had known. I realised, since it had been explained to me on numerous occasions, that I had to go out at some point and ‘spread my wings’, but now was not the time. I rolled over and took my seventh sleep.

After I awoke, my father was standing on the nest, peering at my slumber. Move your sorry wings out of that nest this instant young lady! But Dad, I retorted, I’m much too happy here to venture out, even just for a little bit. Look at these feeble little feathers, they don’t stand a chance against that wind. And look at these feeble little claws on my measley little legs, I’ll never be able to latch on to a branch like Marcus and Mario do. You must understand Daddy. You are probably right, my love, but at least make an effort to show your mother that you are trying. She isn’t going to keep bringing you food, you know it hurts her throat to gag those disgusting worms up over and over again. Do you have any food for me Daddy, I said with my biggest Birdy-Dog eyes. Yes I do, darling, but don’t tell your mother. Now if you are not out of that bed and nest by tomorrow, I’m kicking your lazy bottom out myself. Do you hear me? Yes Daddy, I love you.

It felt like the next day came instantly after he had left. Mum and Mario came to see if I was all right but I simply explained to them that I was not ready and to call back later. I was tired and a little bit grumpy and I needed to be on my own. Then Daddy came back and tickled my beak with his. I wasn’t asleep but my eyes were shut as tightly as possible for five minutes more. He was having none of it. Ughhhhh was this really happening. I had started my protest for another day’s grace but alas it was not meant to be. He grabbed my little tail feather and launched me out of my feathers. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

I hit the ground with a little glide, my wings spreading slightly with the grace of an eagle (Mario taught me that expression) and they were all there to welcome me to the ground. Eeeewwwww this was filthy! It was however, nothing as I had expected. There was such a vast, enormous, expansive world out there. Marcus said Congratulations and gave me a big hug, Mario showed me how well he could fly and Daddy peered at me with a happy grin. You know what time it is now dear, he said smirking, show her boys, show her how to fly! And with that six male wings opened up and wind surged behind them into my face. Dirt and grit flew off the ground, a mess of small pebbles and sand erupted close to my mouth, it was simply awful. I was by no means going to follow them into the abyss of the air. I was going to take my sweet time and get used to my new surroundings, one step at a time and see what exciting adventures lay by taking everything in. What could they see flying around like lunatics? I was much safer and cleaner down here and that was that.

I strolled out into the open yard and saw all the beautiful flowers that the owners of the garden had kept. She, was clearly a woman, and She, clearly had exemplary taste in gardens. I liked my new home and I would stay here as long as food was supplied and drinking water was plentiful. I was a princess after all and I should be kept in such manner. I would also make friends with the other animals and even the people, even though I had been warned off them by every other Swift I had met.

My first encounter was with a boy, his camera and the most wonderful Tiger you will ever come across. That is why I am contributing to his blog. I love the idea and will happy be a contributer. Here’s a few snaps of us when we first met. Believe me we have been on some other wild adventures…but that’s obviously yet to come. Lovely talking to you. Yours Graciously, Tweetser the Princess xx

He deigned, I respected his charitable intentions. We became friends.TPJ and his friend TweetserHaha this is my favourite photo! I’m such a goofball when the paparazzi are out. TPJ was his usual smiley self. x

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