Lost in Love

Lost in Love By Tree Soul

I had a wonderful time, every word felt like a rhyme…
 This love was a crime and no time to wine
we needed no sleep, hopped into it deep
We texted, we talked, we laught and we walked
every minute I needed your hand
there is nothing that I understand
Nothing felt wrong but nothing was right
all I wanted was you by my side
A never ending kiss, every moment to miss
daytime nights, no shadow to hide
I want you to want me
I said so-you told me
I had dreams, I had visions
You made the decision
I never wanted to lose this point of view
but if I ask you to follow- what would you do?
I feel Lost in my Love and I’m sick of the past
cause everything it is and I need to ask
I never wanted me to say that,
I never wanted me to want that
I always wanted you to talk…
But she never started talking
that’s why I keep on walking

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