Drunk Poetry

Drunk Poetry 

by Tiger Paws Jnr August 2012

Come back when you’re ready,

talk to me like you used to…

Dance like you thought you were

Live like you are poor

Don’t be a stranger anymore.

You are still special no matter what you believe you aren’t

I loved you once and let you go

You think you can do it again?

Because things are fun, life is fun, if you believe it to be…and you spend your time with us

Strawberries always taste the same, it’s the mouth that smells the difference

We need some light to cross this beautiful path of yours with flowers

Of all these things that I’m sure of

I do miss your talk, our talk really,

I am happy that you are happy but the pursuit is flawed if you still regret, so forgot me

The road is long, one of these flowery days you will see what it means to me

You try to talk, I try to seem confident

I try to love some one else nicely

You try to pretend but it just doesn’t happen

Stop falling for your head, this is right for you.

You and I are too soft

The Deeper you think,  the deeper he sees

Love doesn’t exist to the girl who doesn’t want it

The only thing that makes sense is painting about it

Where are we, what has begun to happen to our feelings

Shut the door and pour me a drink

Busy people don’t stop to travel but you are never busy

I’ll hide you from my thoughts for a moment and piece together my thoughts

Just hold my hand bear with me and I’ll be the first person to spin you around and catch you if you dip

So keep it tight and feel my pulse

Hide and seek is fun, loving is the plus

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