Season 1, Episode 4

Brian talks to Sam McArdle

Brian talks to Sam

It’s rare that one can pick up the phone after 8 years and find that no time has passed at all…

In our latest episode, these two chat away about passed experiences, work that Sam has been working through and his process dealing with his place in the artistic world of creation 🍀

His one man show, The Manny, is an absolute triumph. Tightly written, superbly performed and exquisitly delivered, Sam has a knack of encompassing raw feeling and including each audience member as if it were only them in the room so that everyone understands the thoughts of the character a little bit differently.

This chat is from March 2021 and it’s phenomenal to see how the promises in the chat have been delivered 🐯🌹

So pull up a chair with us, sit down and get involved if you want to in this wonderful chat between friends ❤️

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