Trust – An Ode to An Post


– An Ode to An Post – 9.2.2021

Here’s a poem for An Post,  and it’s brave men and women,  a public valued service that I love like a cold to warm, lovely linen.

Here’s a gentle nod to an phoist,  who smile as I walk in,  to collect our mail from our custom that has been given

And held and organised well by them and then delivered really safely, the present bought with hard earned punts, that will make Sharon smile bravely

Between the bull fights and fiestas, between the drinking and the phone, between the hugs and kisses of parted lovers, between feeling loved, and alone

They rise before the cocks crow, drive sleepily to their dance floor, Caring for my precious packages or Nicely driving them to my door.

I guess what I have learned,  is I fully trust the Post. I fully trust the pen pal,  and I fully trust the rust.

I fully trust the ink whereupon,  I know the problems they’ve been set, but they still found a way to get me my Granny’s let.

I fully trust the delivery because I trust the hand that held page,  I fully trust the postman,  because they smash it on their stage.

I trust the light green uniform. I trust the light green van I trust the postal woman. I trust my post man

I trust the light green uniform  I smile when I see it, I bought a package from China And I really, really need it

A wise flitting bird once wrote, as serious as a German, that ‘the best way to find out you can trust someone is to trust them’ – PM Herman

That’s the name of my postman, She’s like a relation, Alas she has no time for my cup of tea So Molly barks her away to her next smile creation ❤️ 

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