Be Nice, Be Kind, Stay Safe

Good morning, good morning sick world. Good morning worried people, good morning to a curled lady on her floor filled with worry and safety and economy.

In these worrying times, please get off the floor Angela. Be kind, stay safe and be nice to each other and yourself…and realise we are all here for you.

You have to be there for everyone else too… This means don’t see each other. But contact them heavily. Look after yourself first. The best way to do that is stay inside and don’t meet your beloved. It’s gonna be a hell of year or two.

Please be careful, take the time out for yourself and for everyone else. Learn to be alone for everyone…

And know that we love you! And we’re here for you. Hit us up if you wanna vent.

If we’re alone, then we are all alone together. And that’s a wonderful thought. Self care is essential for my Granny.

Sending positive vibes,


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We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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