The Cobbler that had no Sole


My grandmother once told me a story about a wealthy shoe cobbler. She told me that,Everyday a cobbler worked and slaved and was a slave to work. Everyday working to get paid but see the cobbler was the owner of the shop and he was wealthy.
So she asked each time she told me the story, what was he waiting to get paid for? The cobbler wasn’t searching for just money u see he was looking for love, happiness and compassion.
Over living to work all his life, the cobbler never got to truly live. She told me he was alone and never married, she said that he worked 24/7 and never stopped.
I always keep coming back to this story that my grandmother used to tell me when I ask myself, am I living to work or working to live ? I ask myself am I living my life to the fullest.
See it is not just how much money u have in your pocket that makes u wealthy or the items you own. It is also about the experiences u have encountered and the adventures you endured. It’s about the love that u have gained and the love that you have lost and the lessons You have learned through your own life.
The story finishes by the cobbler dying and the last sentence goes as follows:
The cobbler sadly passed away and when he was found, he was found with no soles on his shoes and no sole in his body.
This is why I pass the message on to you, are you working to live or living to work?
Be nice to it and get a nice photo of the tower for it too 😁

July 2018

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

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