Who we post for


What’s the story with the Tiger man? Who do you post for? Would you not think about advertising? What are you doing with the teddy man? These are questions I get the whole time.

We, at Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories, are a little siteand a little family located all over the world and we love what we do. We’ve been up and running for nearly six years now… we post when we want not when we can.

There is now 13 of us involved which is great and unbelievable because our crew is so talented.

We try to create beauty, For the world… well for anyone with a computer who has access to the internet and who has our website name. If no one sees it, at least we tried. We did our job 😂😂❤️

What it’s all about I suppose, is trying to make a sad person smile at our stupid photos. We don’t care about negative comments, we care about sad people who want or maybe need to see a funny photo.

I guess what this Friday morning post is about is setting out our foundation again for any new readers. (I just set up our Instagram and it’s buzzing – 800 likes in a day!) so I’m worried people may not get us.

We don’t care about likes, we’ll post something and be happy with no likes. That’s not why we post. We like to travel…so we post travel photos. We like meeting people we would never ordinarily meet…so we post photos of meeting them. Absolutely above all we like making people happy, so we post happy Photos. If your featured great, if you’re not don’t worry. It’s not an exclusive site. It’s a happy one, ask for a photo, invite us to your party…as long as our schedule permits we’ll do our best to come.

We post for the person in their room on their own who is feeling low. We post for them and try to make them smile.








Life is Beautiful. Have a beautiful day.


Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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