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Fruitysuits are an amazing company…

They are an amazing company because of their leader.

At the helm of the idea and production, stands a young, fresh, Irish lad called Ian Tilson, Tilly as he’s known by his friends, of which he has many.


He started the business two years ago and has been working on it full time since then. It has gone from strength to strength in the passed year or so.

I had breakfast with the main man this morning and he described his previous two years:

“Man I was living in Australia, working away, and then I went travelling, which was amazing. I had this idea and took it from there. I just decided to go for it. It has been really tough, don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned so much in the passed two years but at the end of the day everyone likes a good suit and ours just happen to be more elaborate and colourful than your regular ones.

I have a lot of really good friends who have all helped me in so many ways; from getting the word out about us, to posing in the suits for photos and exposure to just being helpful with different idea suggestions when I couldn’t work them out myself.

The level of support has been amazing.”

I asked him where they were from:

“Ah sure they are all over the place. A lot are out in Australia and back here in Ireland and whenever we all wear the Fruitysuits to an event or sporting occasion, we literally can’t get from the train station to the ground without being asked for like 250 photos with people. It’s actually such good craic, such a laugh and that’s also how I knew we had a good product to sell”.

I have to say, the suits do look magic.

There is the Red Christmas one which Ian was wearing today. That is for your 12 pubs trip around the city. There’s a Blue Eighties suit with piano tie for work or a night out, a Banana suit which is this writer’s personal favourite and is sold out already for Christmas but he assures me new stock is on the way and finally, the Green Original Shamrock suit which has appeared at many global events so far like the Euros in France and most recently in Madison Square Garden for the McGregor fight.

I felt the quality and the material seems durable and well made. We had a nice shoot of Grafton Street at 8am for the sunrise. It was gas actually, even in the short space of time at that early hour, people kept stopping him for photos and asking about the suit.

I’m gonna invite Tilly down to Limerick to see the sights down here. Sure we’ll see how he gets on down here. I reckon we’ll have a fun second article!

One thing is for sure, these tailored creations are gonna sell out for the Christmas market. It’s great to see an Irish business kick starting here.


If you want to contact Tilly, you can reach him at Fruitysuits Website

Or alternatively, they are all over Facebook at

I’m gonna get the Banana suit I think or the Blue Eighties Piano one.

We’ll have more from Fruitysuits in the next few weeks to see how they are getting on.

It’s great to see an young Irish entrepreneur going for it, working hard and selling products to an Irish market. I’m sure it will be international soon but we are lucky to have Ian selling his goods here.

I liked looking into Dublin’s water with him on Stephen’s Green and chatting about life and shooting the breeze. The photo below shows how engrossed in the conversation he became: #Lolzinthegreen  #Philosophisingonthebridge #thatdangerousfuckingswantriedtobiteme. We did have the banter though. He’s a terribly nice guy.


Have a nice weekend y’all, hope it’s a good one for ya.

Much Love,


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