Just like that

Way to early in the morning

he got to his plates of meat,
nodded to the dead loss,
settled his tit for tat
on to his loaf of bread.
This is what he accepted to do.
it´s just like that.
Went down the apples and pears
into the field of wheat,
stopped at the rubbity dub
for a couple of drown your fears
with his china plates
No time to waste,
no time to meet up with mates
Went home to the trouble and strife
and the god forbids.
back to tit for tat.
“Just like that.”
He earned his bread and honey
with the usual grind and shirk.
Had the money but never touched
the dirt of the naughty nights out.
He died of the jack dancer
on his pat malone.
Thought he had it all,
but died alone.
No more tit for tat.
… Just like that.
                                                                                           30th of Januar  By Tree Soul

Published by TPJ

We’re creating something that will make people happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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