One night only

No better way then to end this year with one of the worst days of 2015.   One hell of day, when everything goes completely wrong.

The question isn’t how much you can drop or break in one day, if you can get lost and almost loose your second half in a city thats new to you, too without knowing where to go. Well, i wouldn’t post this post if i completely got lost.

The sun will stop shining just the moment when you feel like crying and the raindrops on your face cover everything you don’t won’t anyone else to see.

We all had them, maybe not on the same date but definitely all in 2015

Another big bang, another good night with the gang- Let´s forget about what went wrong and where we took the wrong turn and focus on whats ahead.


We forget about that day right now and remember the wonderful things, we all met unforgettable people this year and we will drag them into the new year with us.

Adventure is out there.

It can only get better, raise your glasses and lets cheer:

Bring it on 2016

Thanks to the past and Hello future

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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