Playlist 2015



So here’s the list of songs we listened to the most over the past year. It’s been a big year for the site, like really memorable, our best year yet and that thanks to everyone who is following the journey. Ye have been amazing!

It’s been a hell of a ride and These songs always helped when life gets a bit too serious or tricky. Let us know your top songs if you want! Music is the only thing that makes sense sometimes. It helps with everything!

So Here’s to the 2016 playlist. I wonder will it change much? Here we go xx


November 2014


December 2014



January 2015



February 2015



March 2015



April 2015



May 2015



June 2015



July 2015



August 2015



September 2015



October 2015



November 2015




December 2015


Here’s our gym/dance song too:



Happy Christmas everyone… I really hope you have a happy and peaceful one. We love this world!

Much Love,





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