Arthur’s Journey: Part 4

Arthur’s Journey: Part 4

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Arthur has been low key since winning the Euros. The self-confessed workaholic, trainaholic and motivator actually had some time to chill after the Euros in Bath.

Arthur competed in London 2012 and has come back stronger. He has qualified as the highest ranking European contender for Rio in the Modern Pentathlon. He’s training every day from now until Rio. He has a shot and he’s up for it…

I asked him a few questions via Facebook the other day:

1. How have u been doing since the Euros?

I have been great, I have had a fantastic few weeks off with family & friends which recharged the battery’s and I’m now I’m in week 7 of training and I’m more motivated and fitter than ever. LIFE IS GOOD

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2) That’s savage man. How did you rest up and recover?

I flew to the Greek islands the day after I competed in the European champs and then spent the last two weeks of my break catching up with friends in Ireland.

3) We hear you are into charity work also. Any strong opinions on animal welfare or homelessness?

These are two topics I feel strongly about and if I can make a difference by contributing that’s great. I also love the positive vibe and energy TPJ puts out its infectious and love it for that. My next blog is being filmed as we speak and should be out within the next week.

4) That’s great. We’ll post it next Monday so! What’s in the is playlist at the moment? I always love that question!

Hmmm I have a lot……but the ones I’m listening to most this winter for training are:

  • Pure Grinding by Avicii
  • Let It Go by Laid Back Luke
  • Fight Music by D12 Devil’s Night
  • Desire Gryffin Remix

5) And When is your next competition?

I have been invited to compete at the Champion Of Champions competition in Doha (Qatar) I compete on the 28th of November which is exciting, I am really looking forward to seeing where my fitness is at for this time of year.

Outside fad portrau euros

Tune in next week for some more @ArthurLOK1 insights.

Much Love,


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