Take Something Windy


London Shard

There’s a glass between me and the open sea.

I find myself standing, holding on- the wind is to strong.

My thoughts banging from left to right but actually I’m just standing here drinking enjoying the night

If I could open up the glass to let go of my thoughts in a wood
I Would … If I Could.

Breathtaking moments are waiting ahead but before I even dream about it, I bury them and hold back…

The windbreaker between me and reality,
The wall between pretend and who i wanna be.

Every second
I can see what is waiting ahead,
Every other second
I just follow a routine, ignoring it and I do believe that it’s not that bad

Anyway, I know that Someday
I will take away the windbreaker,
And be ready to take off…not fall off

Until then I just enjoy the wind ruining my hair..

Well to be honest “I just don’t care”

by Tree Soul, Oct 15th

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