What a great weekend of Rugby

What at a Great Weekend of Rugby

Rugby World Cup 2015








Nicole Kidmanimage



What a week of rugby hey? England get punished for their indiscipline and cockiness by Wales and get spanked by Australia. Argentina get through and are happy out. Diego Maradonna even got into the dressing room to congratulate them. Scotland play at second string team against South Africa and look foolish and Italy make sure the world knows what Italian respect means with a gutsy performance and by far their best of the competition so far. They were so humble and gracious in defeat to really tested a frustrated Irish side on the field.

However there are still two teams remaining quiet: New Zealand and Ireland. The top two in the world because they know their battle on the field is coming and they are prepping hard. They are cantering a long just getting their jobs done, stretching their shoulders out if you will. I hope it comes down to the final game. That bare knuckle fight between O’Connell and McCaw is gonna be something shocking.

I mean both have difficult routes to the final but by know means are they difficult either. The English have it organised well. New Zealand were tested against Argentina, they’ll have France in the Quarters, South Africa in the Semis and Ireland in the final.

Ireland will have a good run out against France but it’s basically a training match (as they are already prepping to give NZ a tester in the Quarters), Argentina in the quarters where pay back is due from 2011. Wales will by next in the semis if they can keep fighting and bring Halfpenny or Phillips back and finally New Zealand.

It’s a pity we can’t school the Australians on Irish respect but they’ll get their deserved spanking from New Zealnd or Wales so we’re happy enough just to see them beaten. Controversially I was talking to Tom McGuirk about five weeks ago and he put 20 quid on with me that Australia would win it out. I wonder does he still stand by that. 15euro buyout is offered here Tom if you want to save yourself a fiver.




All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. I got to meet Matt Cardle and Nicole Kidman and the tiny dancer has a nice birthday weekend with friends. ‘Twas a fucking great time to be honest.

Hope y’all are well, it’s a new week and a fresh week and there’s a bite in the air. We in Ireland all remember Ronan O’Gara getting smashed with 11 unreturned and in defended punches and Brian O’Driscoll’s collar bone being broken for him for the Lions by Tuilagi. Now a Northern Hemisphere wave of green is coming for you… And you’ll get the reciprocated spanking you deserve. And you know it’s coming. And there’s nothing you can fuckin do about it.

As a good Aussie once said:

‘The time for honouring yourself will soon be at an end.’


What at a weekend of rugby hey. Wales smashed England, Ireland punished

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