Why Did Wales beat England

Why Did Wales Beat England

Because they are better

I’m gonna bullet point this post because a) it’s easier to read and b) there’s a World Cup on and I want to watch it.

  • Wales are a better team
  • Wales played better on the day
  • Wales didn’t intentionally injure any player on the other team or kick an opposition player in the head or shoulder charge them to force them off in a stretcher
  • Wales scored one of the best cross field kick tries ever
  • Biggar has great bottle and trusts his training completely
  • The wanted to win more
  • Wales have the positive support of their country behind them
  • Wales were the underdogs and were expected to lose. It tastes a lot better when you prove critics extremely wrong
  • Wales were denied home advantage even though they are hosts of the tournament


  • England are so nervous to put a foot wrong
  • There was no leadership
  • Why would you kick for the corner when Farrell is kicking well and your line out is terrible
  • English fans are not helpful. They booed Beckham when he got sent off. His own team booed him. That would never happen in Wales
  • England cannot respect each other enough to play together. Gerrard Rooney Lampard and Robinson just can’t play together even though they would make any team in the world
  • Every team thrives playing England… Because they make stupid videos like Swing Low Sweet Chariot and they drop like flies when you get in their faces
  • England are not as good as New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Wales, South Africa, France and maybe Argentina on their day. They need to regroup and stop thinking they are the best. Because they’re most certainly not.

A good tough game, very phyric for Wales as they are now playing their third choice fullback and many second team choices. This is unfortunate for them because they really could have made a go of it if they had a full team selection. I saw them in the Millenium against Italy when Halfpenny got injured and they were just a machine unit.

Ireland V Wales would have been an awesome semi final if both sides were at full strength. We’d both still beat England though.

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