Love Comes Again

Love Comes Again

by Faria


Love gave himself to me, suddenly…when I wasn’t even ready.

When I was still wondering why love left me in the first place, caught by surprise…I didn’t know what to do…

At first, honestly…I didn’t even want him, daily…I only wanted him momentarily, when my thoughts were scattered and my soul was hollow. When he could give me what I needed tonight but not tomorrow…tomorrow when I would wake up and change my mind again.

I’m surprised love even stayed till the end, or I shouldn’t say end, cause what I mean by end is now, and now is just the beginning of another journey…

Love came to me again. Just when I thought love never visited twice, love showed up with perfectly trimmed hair, looking all fresh and nice….yet this time, love had another complexion.

This time love had piercings and a tattoo but was overflowing with compliments and affection. This time love was taller, quieter yet wiser, slim but warm. This time love wore skinny jeans because love was a trend setter, and had 80 pairs of shoes, a father that called me his daughter from the second day I met him…and this time love let me choose…everything…from what to eat, to where to go, to who to tell, and which put on…This time love’s patience was long.

He let me choose knowing of my indecisive ways, of my misjudgements and how I always procrastinate….now that’s love.
This time love was an observer, observing me and everything I did, so that love knew how to win me over.
I’m telling you, when love came back this time, he knew exactly what to do. He knew all the right things to say, all the do’s and don’t’s….He knew that the first time I let love in I was left a mess, so love came back again prepared to impress….me. He knew it wouldn’t be easy.
Love spent two years mending and bending, putting the puzzle pieces back in place, building a concrete pathway, leading straight to my heart.
Love came back once more, to make up for the first time he left me.
Love comes again…and again and again…and again.
Love comes and goes, and stays for months even years, and at times just leaves whenever he may please…
or whenever its convenient.
But love came again and found me, hiding under the bridge of past memories,
holding onto anything that linked me back to my previous love affair,
Only this time…love won me over with his high top hair.

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