Wales v Italy, Cardiff ,5th Sept 2015




We got the chance to go to the Wales Italian match yesterday in between shows. It was immense and the tickets were amazing (£15 outside the stadium from a tote…sweeeet.

Met a few of the boys walking around. Jamie Roberts and Shane Williams were on commentary duty so they happily spoke to me. What nice guys…

I also got to witness the absolute power of Sergio Parisse. He is a mountain of a man, but I think what struck me yesterday was how his rugby brain works. He was seven or eight steps ahead of everyone yesterday and nearly beat Wales by himself.

It was like he was floating like Michael Jordan used to do. Nobody could touch him, nobody could hurt him. Every other player was worried about being injured pre World cup…not Parisse. He reveled in the competition, hit as hard as he could and got as stuck into everything and everyone. The last few photos show how far ahead mentally he was.




The next set of photos were when Italian knocked over a penalty to go into the lead again. Parisse sprinted back to his 22 prepped for the drop off. The ball hadn’t even been placed for the penalty kick. After a minute, his rest of his team joined him…and Wales kicked off to the other side…purely because Parisse was on the right.

To have that control over twenty nine players is amazing. One of the greats of modern rugby and could make any team in the world as captain.

I’d say when him, O’Connell and McCaw have lunch together, they must have some craic,




In the end, the score finished 23-19 with some excellent rugby from both sides. Wales look so strong for the world cup. I’d love to see Ireland and Wales in the final. Backers would say Australia and New Zealand, I would not. I think the semis will be very interesting.

Best Wishes from Cardiff,


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