Review: Jimeoin Yeehaa *****

Jimeoin – Yeehaa! *****

EICC 19.30

Jimeoin B&W on stage

What can I say about this guy that the world doesn’t already know…

He’s such a good guy, I’ve met him three times now and on the second time he put my name down on his guest list for the show. One quick text to his brilliant PR team and I had two free tickets – job done!

The Northern Irish comedian is based in Australia so must relish coming back to the UK to gig.

His show is brilliant, making the audience laugh wholefully on average I’d guess around every six seconds of the hour show. I don’t know many comics that have that ability.

His famous eye-brows or washing machine gags weren’t even used but jokes like ‘I got a new pair of shoes today…outside a mosque…had to rifle through a load of pairs to find the right ones…they were mostly sandals’ cracked me up big time.

His career will continue for as long as he wants it too. He should be an inspiration for many of the younger comedians coming up the ranks.

There’s no cruel or controversial material in his show either which I really like. Kids can happily relate to his show as well as grandparents.

I’d recommend this show a lot. If you have time, it’s on at 19.30 daily in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. An easy five stars from me…

Jimeoin hates photos by himself

Jim Eoin Full Crowd

On Jimeoins Stage

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