Trinity College Freshers Week

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This my friends is the most magical place in the world. Where you leave home all set for the big Smhoke all alone in the world with nobody there to block your ambition. It is the strong rise to the top and everyone tries at least one Maidens debate in the Phil or Hist befpre realising there is far more craic to be had in the Trampoline or Ski Socities. It’s where the green light at a traffic light ball means many lost virginities and the buzz you have after realising you have four years of carnage ahead of you.

It’s also where my Dad, Tiger Paws, met the moustached mafia member and made lots of terrible decisions which they wouldn’t change for anything. This my friends is Heaven. Trinity College Freshers week…and what I wouldn’t give to go back there. Ah well, they all look like babies.

Hope all is well,


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