Life’s Wanderings

Central Park, New York City, July 2014
Central Park, New York City, July 2014

As one ponders life as one naturally does, in between the bursts of stress and ongojngs, one sometimes get an opportunity to breathe in deeply and think. Many of us fill up our time with more activities and memories, for others the verb to chill takes on a powerful new meaning. Whatever your choice, for both groups, their time flies…by proverbial definition.

For us here at TPJ, we are trying to develop the art of seeing beauty and capturing moments. A lot are humourous. We figure it’s because that is the persona that people tend to wish to convey when being photographed or ask to recall a tale of their choice. When asked to reflect on a memory, they tend to immediately try to go back to a happy one.

With the world so full of happy stories, we try to capture life’s happiest memories and then tell a friend about them. After all, life tends to slip and and people never tend to remain stationary for very long. Stagnation has become negative when once is was seen as serene and peaceful. They leave or breakaway or distance takes their words from your ear in pursuit of a better life…wherever that may be. Hardship is rarely appreciated. But…A few years ago one couldn’t even imagine seeing the other person you are talking to on the phone right in front of you or getting images of their view or bedroom five thousand kilometres away. Technology is brilliant, we try use it to make others smile.

We can’t really understand life with headphones in and sunglasses on…it seems so lonely. Especially when others are so willing to tell you their funny story from years or days ago.

Make sure you smile at everyone else. It might cheer them up too. Have fun today…Tomorrow is tomorrow and tomorrow…TPJ x

PS Joke of the Day: How come there’s no medicine in the jungle?…Because the Parrots eat them All

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We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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