Last Night

Hi lovely people,

So the yoga warrior and myself left Olbia right after I sent my last post. We almost missed the bus after waiting 4 hours in the cafe and then when we got on it, it appeared to be some sort if monster that wished for our deaths. Like seriously, Sardinian buses are a pile if Shite. 

We get onto to the bus and I can’t stand the site of him any longer. I immediately go to the girlhat is sitting opposite us. She was beautiful, he was not, so off I go into her arms and sleep soundly against her touch. The bald, dancing princess gets angry, turns on his music and tries to sleep. I’m become happy when I realise that he can’t. 

Cut to three hours later, Nuero. No buses on to Cala Gonone as it’s 10.30pm, tired eyes, no taxis in this town and a bag that was still on the bus. 

Oh how I laughed!

But to be fair to Manuel, he started chatting to these to girls who had just got off the bus. They explained that Nuero had zero taxis in it (like Zero) and there was a 3km walk to the town and a three kilometre walk in the opposite direction to the bus company which now possessed his green bag. He rang them, they weren’t open but if they found the bag they would store it until tomorrow. He could see the bus drive off into the distance. You win this one universe!

He asked the girls were there any B&Bs close? They said no. Nuero is a small town and there weren’t any near. Just one of those nights really…and please bear in mind the hangover, the sweet baby Jesus, hangover. 

Then the young girl smiled at his sullen face and made a phone all to her mum and uncle. He had a room for €40 which the small fat Irish boy took with open arms. They also offered him a lift to the B&B. it is like I always try to say – Never doubt humanity and it’s affection to kindness. The owner of the hotel, Mario, is a legend. You could tell that from first glance.

Cut to this morning awakening in the Sardinian Hills in a beautifully run hotel called Apposentu Hotel with the nicest breakfast ever. Sore heads appear to be gone and happiness may return momentarily. Now just off to get the missing bag, hopefully his passport is still inside. Feckin idiot!  

Much Love and Laughter, 






Nice breakfast
Nice breakfast


Beauty is...
Beauty is…


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