Sardinia Sunset


Hi lovely people,

Sometimes people don’t get the Tiger. They ask me continuously why I do it and what’s the point. The point is the easiest answer If I hand a person a teddy bear and ask them for a photograph they become confused and smile. and they stop worrying about their problems for two seconds. If I capture that smile in a photo they have now become cemented in time in a photograph and in the tiger’a memory. A lot of us used to have a teddy who we named and looked after once upon a time. The majority of the time, TPJ brings people back to that memory and they feel the warmth of childhood again. Sounds stupid but means a lot.

Tiger Paws has now goals or Targets. He just does what he does and enjoys the journey. His aim is to make you smile… Hope you have a good day wherever you are. Don’t listen to the nay Sayers. You are good. Go smash the day and Be Nice,


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