Sardinia Sunset


Hi lovely people,

Sometimes people don’t get the Tiger. They ask me continuously why I do it and what’s the point. The point is the easiest answer If I hand a person a teddy bear and ask them for a photograph they become confused and smile. and they stop worrying about their problems for two seconds. If I capture that smile in a photo they have now become cemented in time in a photograph and in the tiger’a memory. A lot of us used to have a teddy who we named and looked after once upon a time. The majority of the time, TPJ brings people back to that memory and they feel the warmth of childhood again. Sounds stupid but means a lot.

Tiger Paws has now goals or Targets. He just does what he does and enjoys the journey. His aim is to make you smile… Hope you have a good day wherever you are. Don’t listen to the nay Sayers. You are good. Go smash the day and Be Nice,


Published by TPJ

We’re creating something that will make people happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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