New York: A fond farewell

Wassup Y’all crazies,

Its your boy TPJ here, killing it in NYC. I can’t express how good this city is. I have lived in many different places, note able capital cities include Dublin, Amaterdam, San Diego, LA, Berlin, Melbourne and London. Everywhere apart from LA and Dublin aren’t a patch on New York. Sure each place has it’s benefits and draws but New York has everything. Great people, atmosphere, energy, positive amenities, successful and efficient workforce and a love for their own home city. I have no idea why people in London try to compare themselves to New York. Manhattan is built on an island and can only go up. One can walk it in two hours and pass the most recognisable buildings in the world. If one cycled two hours in London, you wouldn’t even reach Hyde Park from Brixton. Plus people in New York like to help tourists and show them their city as a proud landscape of their hearts. Londoners shout at you if you stand on the wrong side of an escalator.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I’m gonna make sure the bald Ninja comes back. He has been offered a few really nice opportunities but he is a very loyal person and loves Ireland so they are on the back burner for a few months at least.

I am gonna keep doing my thing, standing up for animals and homelessness all around the world and making readers happy with my stories and photographs. I have a few new friends that I will travel to and go on adventures with but for now I’m gonna chill, kiss women and visit beautiful places. Life is good when life is slow enough to hear. I’m gonna be listening to the hearts of many people soon.

It’s easier for me, because I’m a teddy and physically can’t speak. You hear so much more when you keep your mouth shut. All my love from NYC, here are my favourite photos of the last week:




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