NYC: Day 7- 10

Well well well, the little Teddy arrived. My main protection and my lucky charm. I really didn’t realise how much I needed him or missed him until he arrived. It was like a weight that came off my shoulders. Before we get into the happenings of the few days (which were awesome) I feel like I need to explain why I have TPJ and why he has become so important to me.

Anyone who really knows me, knows I’m a pretty hard worker. I go 100% at pretty much everything and have a competitive side to my personality which is directly related to Sports and Winning. It’s pretty intense but I just can’t see any point of not being that way. We only have like 90 years max here, why be lazy? Anyway TPJ allows me to half my intensity with another parallel track. My work becomes 50% if TPJ also takes 50%, that’s just basic mathematics. He likes doing fun stuff and people love his photography and adventures, so I use him for creation of beauty, selfless work and relaxation…all the things that I miss out on if I am too focused on my own work. He brings fun into life and people love him. He also has no specific goal or target or objective. ‘People regularly ask what Are you doing with the tiger, I love him and laugh at all his photos…but what’s his story.’ The reason he doesn’t have a direction is for that reason exactly…sometimes it’s better not to know where your going so the journey is all encompassing. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

So…as I said, the teddy flew in two days ago on Day 8. It was very exciting and I actually felt such a pleasure when I knew he was safe and with me. There are a lot if people who were genuinely worried about him and gave out to me for sending him via post I just think it’s funny how he flew to NYC by himself. He’s becoming more independent. They grow up so fast Sigh!!!!

My weekend was amazing. It consisted of Football in a park near the courts at Dumbo with a good friend of mine called Willa and a few kids and their parents. We also went dancing with the lads and a few girls in Manhatten (Webster Hall) after a mammoth journey to get there (which, looking back, was definitely part of the fun) and Sunday was taken up with a hell of a lot of Study and Learning and trying to catch up on some sleep.

For privacy reasons I don’t want to go into details about the school or the students with out asking them first but suffice to say, each class we are taking is wonderful. I’m learning so much from teachers like Jay Goldenberg, Maury (Comercials), Greg (Shakespeare) and all the others. I take a musical theatre Masterclass with Jay Binder. I mean What!!! He casts so many great Broadway musicals and he is after giving me a lead in the final song of our showcase with give My Regards to broadway… This is the sort of stuff that is happening. It’s like a dream.

I also don’t want to talk about my classmates without their permission first. It is enough to say at the moment, our Section is awesome. Section 47 consists of the most ambitiously talented most beautiful people in the summer programme…it has been a wild ride. I would like to consider myself emotionless and machine-like when I work, but I’m definitely being broken down and am opening up to new ideas. It’s a weird and frankly terrifying experience which I’m not enjoying but looking back, I will appreciate a lot. We have just finished our Shakespeare Sonnets (#19 Devouring Time), we are becoming more advanced at stage combat, learning poetry in Chelov, and working on Voice over work and Comercials. We also have been given Proof to read, and have the scenes to prepare and I have the musical theatre class and a Shakespeare monologue to learn (To Be Or Not To Be – yes I am a dickhead for choosing that)

You can see why they call it intensive haha. But I love it. It is stretching us to our maximum and we are helping and pushing each other for a better result. We support each other but the feeling sometimes changes to annoyance or quarrelsome whenever someone is pissing you off slightly. Basically it’s a bloody emotional rollercoaster, it’s just fun that we are all strapped in together. When we get off and unbuckle the seats, we’ll realise how fun a ride it was. Anyway enough philosophy. Sorry about the shortness of posts, but unfortunately I haven’t had time to buy myself a towel or a bed sheet and pillow. That’s how bad it has been haha. Love it! Yoga is going well, started seeing a girl. All is well, most important thing: working damn hard. Hopefully you are keeping well too. Since I started writing this, I think I have to finish it. TPJ will be on soon too. He is a lot less Verbose than I am and curses a lot. I apologise in advance but it’s funHere are the photos , the TPJ discovery is amazing. Have a nice week,

image image image image image image image image image image


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